Sunday, March 15, 2015

Bonsai Brewing location, same great beer and staff.


 Bonsai Brewing Project has upgraded!

  To say that the locals were extremely annoyed upon learning that our little 3 barrel nano in the Mountain Mall was being displaced by Shopco, would be putting it mildly.  Yes it was small, restrictive, hard to get a seat and it had zero potential for any type of expansion, but it was cool and we loved it.  When we heard that BBP was being forced to vacate the mall, many of us wondered if our little diamond in the rough would even resurface again.  After all, owner-brewmeister Graham Hart acquired the space in the 1st place due to it's affordability and finding a new, affordable, place in Whitefish could be quite challenging.

  The beer gods smile upon those who make great beer.  Turns out, being displaced was a blessing in disguise.  Graham has acquired the venue he initially wanted, prior to settling in at the mall, which was the former Rising Sun Bistro restaurant located at 549 Wisconsin Avenue, just north of downtown Whitefish.  Due to the, comparatively, spaciousness of the new digs you no longer have to turn around and leave due to there not being a place to sit or stand on a Friday or Saturday night.  The new facility's seating capacity is leaps and bounds larger than the old location in the mall and it has significantly more space to expand, where beer production is concerned.  Come summer, the fact that there is ample seating inside may be a moot point as the lot the building sits on is enormous.  Because the lot is fenced in you will be able to take that tasty adult beverage outside and enjoy it under the big blue Montana sky.  Heck, you won't even need to go inside to get said adult beverage as there will be a bar outside on the porch to meet your refreshment needs too.  For those people who feel the need to take their dog with them every place they go, Phydeaux is even welcome in the beer garden, as long as he/she is well behaved and you clean up after him/her.

  The bottom line.  Combine the great new renovated space, with the largest craft brewery beer garden I believe I have ever seen, with awarding winning staff and beer (seriously, check it out, click HERE), how could it not be a hit?  If you're visiting NW Montana, you're going to want to pay this place a visit. 

Old space...

New space 

The pic below only shows 1/3 of the spacious beer garden.


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