Monday, January 12, 2015

Class Now in Session: Kettlehouse Kolledge Opens Registration Today

Kettlehouse Kolledge 2015 - Missoula Montana
Sign up for the class you really want to take this year, Kettlehouse Kolledge 2015. Registration is limited to the first 100 people, and it starts today at 5 p.m. at the Northside Taproom. The best part, aside from the beer, is that registration is free!

In its fourth year, Kettlehouse Kolledge is the "koolest klass" around. Montana Beer Finder, Ryan Newhouse, is an alum (and has the sweatshirt to prove it), and this year he will be giving the commencement speech at graduation.

By the way, there's a Master Class available for those who've already gone to Kettlehouse Kolledge.

What is Kettlehouse Kolledge, you ask? It's all this (provided via


Frequently Asked Questions -

Q: Who can participate in KettleHouse Beer Kolledge?
A: Anyone who is 21 or older!

Q: What is the commitment?
A: You commit to 3 dates and two homework assignments (it’s fun!). These commitments fulfill the four credits needed to graduate. Beer Kolledge is held every Monday and Tuesday from January 19th to February 17th. At registration you choose two of those dates one for a brewery tour and one for a brewer led tasting. (Note: The tour and tasting must be done on two separate nights). The third commitment is the graduation celebration. More on this to come.

Q: Can you tell me more about these dates?
A: At registration you pick two dates, either a Monday or Tuesday between January 19thand February 17th. First date, (credit 1) – Northside brewery tour 6:00 pm at theNorthside KettleHouse. Tours will last approximately one hour and will include a free pint at the conclusion of the tour. This pint counts toward your daily 48oz. limit. Please remember to wear closed toed shoes for the tours.

Second date, (credit 2) – Brewer guided tasting at the Northside KettleHouse taproom. Tastings will last approximately 1 hour and the tasting flight is free. The tasting counts toward your daily 48oz. limit.

The third date, – Graduation celebration (date, place and time TBD). Diplomas will be issued and a free KettleHouse Beer Kolledge sweatshirt bestowed.  You must attend the graduation celebration in order to participate in KettleHouse Beer Kolledge.

Q: What are the homework requirements?
A: (Credit 3) Students must order a flight of beer at either KettleHouse location and complete a comment card.  On Mondays and Tuesdays there will be a sampler flight special at the Northside and Southside ($3 flights). This flight special is only open to Beer Kolledge students. Make sure to let your server know you are a student and need a comment card to complete this credit.

(Credit 4) Students must go out in the community and visit one of our fine partnering retail establishments who serve KettleHouse beer. Send us a picture of you drinking one of your favorite KettleHouse beers. Extra credit if you can get the name of the establishment in the photo! Photos should be sent in JPEG to

Q: What does it cost?

Q: How do I sign-up?
A: Sign-up at our Northside Taproom on January 12th from 5-8pm. Registration is open to the first 100 people . No calls! You must be present to sign-up and cannot sign anyone else up.

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