Monday, July 14, 2014

Tap Routes Living the Montana Dream of Many

Jeff and Katie of Montana's Tap Routes are spending a year living the dream of many in Montana...they have set out to visit all of the state's craft breweries and write about their travels on their blog. About a week ago they stopped by Missoula and spent time with Ryan Newhouse, founder of Montana Beer Finder (read about their Missoula trip).

Started in April 2014, Tap Routes was hatched while having a beer at Philipsburg Brewing Company, soon after the couple relocated back to Montana from Salt Lake City. Jeff originally hails from South Carolina, and Katie is a Bozeman native. As writers, they wanted to mix their passions with their talents, so off they went to try the state's best beers at all the breweries.

They are doing a fantastic job of capturing the moments that happen at the breweries they visit, as well as giving due credit to the beers they drink. What they already knew well and are recording is that breweries are reflections of their communities and contribute to enriching the lives of locals (and tourists).

Support their project via Tap Routes' "Beer Me" program. They deserve a cold one or two.

Good luck, Jeff and Katie!

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