Monday, May 12, 2014

Bayern Fürkin Fest

Bayern Brewing Furkin Fest 2014

In honor of American Craft Beer Week, Bayern Brewing is tapping a different firkin of beer each day this week and then ending the week with a BBQ in their parking lot. They are calling it their Fürkin Fest*.

“We’re not breaking the law of purity, but we are bending the $^!% out of it,” says Jared Spiker, Marketing and Sales Manager for Bayern Brewery.

Monday – Tettnanger Infused Amber

Tuesday – Raspberry Infused Bakken Bock

Wednesday – Saaz Dry Hopped Pils

Thursday – Citra Instilled Dump Truck**

Friday – Maibock Wooden Barrel, BBQ, and Secret Powers band performs (burgers and brats provided, guests can bring potluck sides if they choose)

Saturday – Radler (bring your bike!)***

Firkins hold about 30 liters of beer, which is just about 60+ pints. The plan is to tap each firkin at 5:00 p.m. each day.


*This spelling of “firkin” relates to a little German humor. Ask your nearest German-speaking friend for its meaning.

**Dump Truck recently won Best Bock at the 22nd Garden City Brewfest in Missoula.

***A “radler” is a traditional German summer drink made with beer and soda. It dates back to the early 20th century in Bavaria. The legend is that a bar owner short on beer became threatened by a group of cyclists (hence, the “bring your bike”) because they were thirsty from their travelers, so the bar owner mixed whatever beer he had with lemonade…thus the Radler (German for “cyclist”). As the drink developed, it became more common to mix beer with Sprite or 7-Up in place of lemonade. Lemonade and beer, today, is more commonly known as a Shandy, FYI.

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