Tuesday, April 22, 2014

West Yellowstone to Get New Trees Thanks to Bayern's Glass Recycling

On this Earth Day 2014, here's a nice story about how West Yellowstone will get some new trees thanks to Bayern Brewing's glass recycling program. Reported by West Yellowstone News, Two Season Recycling will start today collecting beer bottles that meets Bayern's reuse requirements and get them to Missoula via Four Corners Recycling in Belgrade.

The glass bottles will come from both residential pick-ups and participating businesses. Since Bayern gives back $.10 per usable six-pack holder and $.05 per reusable bottle, Two Seasons could earn some nice monies for new trees.

The concept for this collection was inspired last year by the Arbor Foundation Canopy Project. All funds from the bottles and six-pack carriers will be used for buying deciduous trees which will be planted in and throughout West Yellowstone.

Prost to that!

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