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2014 Montana Brewers Association Spring Festival

MBA Spring Brewfest 2014
There is so much good beer here in Montana. In fact, at times there is so much beer and beer events it is nearly impossible to keep up. That's not a complaint, mind you, but with the Montana Beer Finder crew and Growler Fills crew busy prepping for the 3rd Annual Missoula Craft Beer Week, we sometimes let an extra day or week go by before writing up what needs to be written. 

For instance, the 3rd Annual Bakken Brewfest took place last weekend in Sidney and it came and went before we could highlight it. From the looks of their Facebook page, a darn good time was had by all. And Beaver Creek Brewery walked away with the "Best Brewery" award. Congrats to some tasty Beaver (beers). 
Photo from Bakken Brewfest Facebook, taken by Christy Nelson
Now looking to the future, tomorrow is the Montana Brewers Association's 2nd annual Spring Festival in Billings, Montana. They will be pouring 71 beers from 22 MBA member breweries. The event runs from 5:00 - 10:00 p.m., with doors opening for VIPs at 4 p.m. GA tickets are $20 in advance and $25 at the door, which gets you a 9 oz. tasting glass and bottomless samples. 

Musical guests include The Growlers and Cure for the Common. Food will be available for purchase. 

Here's what the MBA writes about this unique brewfest:

"The largest collection of Montana-made beer ever gathered in eastern Montana, it’s one-stop access to unique Montana brewers and their beers.  Second in breweries-per-capita, Montana is a strong contestant as one of the greatest brewing states in the country, and hosts the #2 spot in the nation in breweries per capita!  A variety of local Montana music will be heard throughout the evening paired with a variety of food vendors.  Please join us in relaxing with your friends at this annual celebration of Montana-made beer!"

And here's what will be on tap:

2014 Beer Lineup:
Beaver Creek
Red Headed IPA                   [American IPA]           7.3%
Rusty Beaver Wheat       [American Style Hefeweizen]      7.6%

Bitter Root
Red Dread         [Imperial Red IPA]     8.5%
Summit IPA         [Northwest IPA]         6.5%
Blown Out Brown       [Nut Brown Ale ]        5.2%
Single Hop           [Northwest Pale Ale]  6.3%

Blackfoot River
Single Malt IPA                     [IPA]      6.9%
Kolch                                           [Kolsch Ale]    5.3%
Tartanic Scottish Ale           [Scotch Ale]     6.9%
Missouri River Steamboat Lager       [California Common Beer] 6% 

Belgian Golden Ale                       [Belgian Ale]   5.3%
Schwartzbier                                   [Dark Lager]    5.1%

Double IPA                                        [Double IPA]    10%
JalapeƱo Hefe                                  [Hefeweizen]   5.1%
Vanilla Bourbon Stout                [Russian Imperial Stout]      14%
Red Raider                                        [Irish Red]       5%
Strawberry Blonde                        [Kolsch]    5%

Pinhead Pils                                      [Bohemian Lager]      4.5%
Buzz Kill Java Stout                      [Coffee Stout]     6%
Bozone Select Amber                    [American Style Amber Ale]            5.5%
Hopzone IPA                                     [American IPA]          7%
Plum Street Porter                         [Robust Porter]          6%
Bozone Hefewiezen                       [American Style Wheat        5.4% 

Vigilante IPA                                    [American IPA]          6.7%
Bobcat Brown Ale                          [American Brown Ale]        5.5%

Canyon Creek
O.N.S Blonde Ale                  [Blonde Ale]    5%
Beerhenge Hefe                  [Hefeweizen]   5.5%
Cold Creek Scottish Ale     [Scotch Ale]     5.2%
C4 IPA                                       [American IPA]           6%

Draught Works
Scepter Head                        [IPA]      6.1%
Shadow Caster                    [ Amber Ale]    5%
Clothing Optional                [Pale Ale]         5.2%
White IPA                              [White IPA]      6.6%

Flathead Lake Brewing
Centennial IPA                       [American IPA]   7.3%
Buffalo Head Brown           [American Brown Ale]   6.2%

Great Northern 
Wild Huckleberry Wheat Lager          [American Wheat Lager with Fruit]   4.75%
Going to the Sun IPA                                 [American IPA ]   5.4%

Higher Ground
The Local      [Brown Ale]   5.5%
Basecamp     [Irish Red]   5.7%

Lewis and Clark
Tumbleweed                                   [American IPA]   6.4%
Back Country Scottish Ale      [Scotch Style Ale]   6.4%
Dark Side IPA                               [Black IPA]   6.8%
Yellowstone Golden Ale           [Golden Ale]   5.2%
Miners Gold Hefewezein        [American Style Wheat Beer]  5.6%

Madison River
Elk Hair ESB                           [Extra Special Bitter Pale Ale]    6.5%
Salmon Fly Honey Rye       [Honey Rye]   5.6%

Mighty Mo
Rising Trout                             [Pale Ale]   5.4%
Dam Fog                                      [American Hefeweizen]   5%
Lip Ripper IPA                        [ IPA]   6.2%
Smoke Jumper                         [Scotch Ale]   7.3%

Neptune’s Brewery
Dirty Bird APA                     [American Pale Ale]  7.5%
Tattle Tale Scottish Ale      [Scotch Ale]   8.6%

Passive Aggressive Pale Ale          [Heavy Pale Ale]    6.75%
The Dirk                                                  [Scotch Ale]   6.4%
Irish Cream Ale                                  [Cream Ale]   5%

Razzu                                     [Raspberry Wheat]   5.2%
Tramway                              [Rye IPA]    6.4%
Haybag                                   [American Hefeweizen]  5.5%

1806 Pale Stout (draught)             [SMaSH Olde Ale]    8%
Buck Snort Scotch Ale                     [Traditional Scotch Ale]   6.5%
Yard Sale Amber                                [Amber/Red Ale]     5.5%
Hat Trick Hop IPA                            [American IPA]    7%      

The Front
Mountain Man                                  [Strong Ale]    6.8%
River Water IPA                              [American IPA]    6.9%

Your Mom                             [American Strong Ale]  5.2%
Uberfly Rye                           [Spiced Rye Beer]     5.7%
Whitenoise                           [American Style Hefeweizen]    5.7%
Watermelon Kolsch           [Fruit Beer]    4.7%
Alpha Force IPA                 [American IPA]     7.7%

Organic Mystical Stout          [Irish Stout]    6%
April Fools Ale                         [Golden Ale]    5%

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