Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Sunday Sour Series at Kettlehouse Brewing Co.

Barrel Aged Gin Eddy Out
Barrel Aged Gin Eddy Out, courtesy Kettlehouse.com
Last Sunday, Kettlehouse Brewing Co. in Missoula, Montana, kicked off a four-week special Sunday Sour Series at its Northside location. Each Sunday the crew releases only five gallons of a new sour beer, and the first offering ran out a little after 4 p.m., sources say.

Here's the full list of sours offered:

Feb. 23rd: Huckleberry Cold Smoke® Sour
March 2nd: Maple Cold Smoke® Sour
March 9th: Maple Brick & Mortar Sour
March 16th: Papaya Cold Smoke® Sour

UPDATE: MBF received some additional details about the Sour Series. The beers are brewed with California Ale yeast and Lactobacillus. The Huckleberry Cold Smoke was fermented with frozen huckleberries. The two Maple sours were fermented with maple syrup and blended with fresh Cold Smoke and Brick & Mortar (respectively). And the last was fermented with fresh papayas. 

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