Thursday, October 24, 2013

One of Idaho's finest comes to the Flathead!

   This past winter I begged Brix Bottleshop, in Kalispell, to start carrying my favorite Idaho breweries beer and it's finally here.  Laughing Dog Brewery, out of Sandpoint, is now being sold at Brix and if they can get it, then there's no reason why your local bottleshop can't get in on the action too.  Currently Brix is carrying the following brews by Laughing Dog:
Alpha Dog IPA
   If you like overly hoppy beer, then this just may be what you're looking for.  It's over the top use of Columbus and Mt. Hood hops has it weighing in at a whopping 126.8 IBU and is 8% ABV.

Rocket Dog Rye IPA
   Rocket Dog is a taproom favorite.  This crisp beer is brewed with Cascade, Cluster, & Simcoe hops, rye malt and has an IBU of 62.8 and an ABV of 6.7.

Anubis Imperial Coffee Porter
   Made with Evans Brothers cold-pressed coffee, this brew has subtle chocolate and coffee notes which are balanced by malt bitterness and malt sweetness.  It has an IBU of 33.6 and ABV of 8%.

Dogzilla IPA
   A traditional IPA using Simcoe, Mt. Hood, Cascade Hops, but with Munich and black malt added.  This beer has an IBU of 69.3 and an ABV of 6.8%.

The Dog Father
   This is an Imperial Stout aged in charred bourbon barrels using 7 different malt varieties.  It has an IBU of 60 and an ABV of, watch out, 10%!

   If you're ever in Sandpoint, make sure you pay them a visit.  If you have a dog, be sure and bring fideaux (that's a Louisiana spelling), because it's ├╝ber dog friendly.  They have chosen not to server food there so that dogs that come to visit can roam the tasting room freely.  So, if your dog is a friendly sort, feel free to bring him/her in.  Dog bowls full of water are there to keep fideaux hydrated and mops are always nearby to mop up the piddles off the stained concrete floors.

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