Tuesday, August 27, 2013

2013 Sierra Nevada Beer Camp

The 2013 edition of Sierra Nevada Beer Camp is now open for video submissions until September 30, 2013. This unique opportunity to get "Keys to the Kettle" and brew beer in Chico, California, alongside Steve Grossman and Terrance Sullivan.

Beer Camp was started in 2010 when the chosen winners brewed Loch, Hop & Barrel and Hopsichord. The class of 2011 brewed Golden eState and Raiders of the Last Hops. The class of 2012 brewed Blood Shot and Sleight of Hand.

The class of 2011 has a notable Montana connection. Former Tamarack brewer and now owner of the forthcoming Bonsai Brewing Project in Whitefish, Graham Hart, was one of the Beer Camp participants, thanks to his winning video entry (shown below):

If you want a chance to join the other Beer Campers, get your 2-minute video together and submit it here. It might help to read over the Sierra Nevada Beer Camp FAQ, from which this information was pulled:

How do you judge entries?
We are looking for creativity! Use your imagination and come up with a unique way to impress upon us that YOU deserve to come to Sierra Nevada Beer Camp. Enthusiasm, originality, ingenuity, & flair (to name a few) are all taken into consideration as well. We are only going to select people who can truly convince us that they DESERVE to experience Sierra Nevada Beer Camp. Remember that half of the winners are chosen by popular vote. So convert, recruit and impress your friends. Share your video with as many of your friends as possible!

Good luck, and feel free to share any videos you make with Montana Beer Finder so we can help spread the word (and encourage votes)!

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