Monday, June 17, 2013

Sasquatch Home Brew Contest Winners

This past weekend, several members of the Montana Beer Finder crew headed down to Higherground Brewing in Hamilton, Montana, to judge at the second biannual Sasquatch Home Brew Competition. It was tough work, but nearly 15 judges closely examined and tasted over 20 beers each, spread among four categories: IPA, Belgian, Dark, Specialty. 
After hours of intense work and thought, multiple brewers were awarded. There are:

Specialty – First Place Jeff Buespflug, Second Place Ben Raker
Belgian – First Place Jeff Buespflug, Second Place Ben Raker
Dark – First Place Nic Pestel, Second Devon Weidow
IPA – First Place Matt Miller (Best Overall), Second Place Clint Nissen

For the IPA category, there was only a one point difference between first and second place! 
Congrats to the winners, and thanks for the tasty beers. We can't wait to head back down the 'Root to judge the winter home brew contest. Thanks Higherground Brewing and Summer Sun Brew Supply!

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