Monday, April 29, 2013

Star Trek Beer: Vulcan Ale, brewed by Harvest Moon in Montana

First, I can't believe I missed this convention up in Calgary, just for the fact that many cast members of The Princess Bride were there. That aside, guests of the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo this past weekend were treated with the opportunity to try a new, licensed Star Trek beer, the first of a few in a new lineup.

The beer is Harvest Moon's Charlie Russel Red, but specially-labeled and bottled in 12 oz. bottles and featured at the convention. A total of 17 bbls were made, with nearly all of it bottled, except for a few kegs. Any remaining beer from the festival will be released Canada-wide in conjunction with the premiere of the new Star Trek movie, Into Darkness, released on May 17.


  1. "...remaining beer from the festival will be released Canada-wide." What are we, chopped liver? Why isn't available in the state it's made in...Montana?

  2. Though it may lack the effect of the Vulcan label, it does seem we have the luxury of popping open a Charlie Russel Red and getting the same beer. ;-)


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