Sunday, March 10, 2013

It's not even summer yet and people are already getting Swimmer's Itch!

   Swimmer's Itch is back on tap at Flathead Lake Brewing in Woods Bay.  Those witty brew-folk down there at Flathead Lake Brewing are always coming up with something to name their brews that pertain to our beloved Flathead Lake, but Swimmer's Itch?  It's not a very sexy name for a beer that is oh so sexy, but be that as it may, that's what they came up with for this delicious Saison.  If you're a fan of Belgium Farmhouse/Saison style beers, and you can get past the name, then you need to drop by the brewery, or your local tavern that features it, and enjoy a couple of pints.  

   Coming from Seattle, and living here now, I've always lamented the fact that I no longer had access to my most favorite German beer of all time, Koenig Ludwig Weiss Bier.  I lament that no more, for this Saison reminds me so much of that beer that ole Ludwig is now a distant memory.  For those of you familiar with Wildwood's White Bark Wheat Ale, you will find it to be very similar, but not quite as spicy.  I happen to love the White Bark's level of spicy goodness, as it's tastes like Christmas in every pint, but as I don't live anywhere near where that golden nectar is flowing out of the taps, down in Stevensville, the Saison coming out of  the Flathead Lake Brewery tap room will keep me coming back for more.

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