Thursday, January 24, 2013

Kalispell Brewing Company On Its Way

If all goes well, within the next several months Kalispell will join the ranks of Montana's other sizable cities and have a brewery all its own - the Kalispell Brewing Co. Cole Schneider and his wife, Maggie Doherty, are looking to open on Fourth St. and Main in a 9,000-square foot building.

Schneider has over 10 years of homebrewing experience behind him, but he is excited to change from a five-gallon batch to a 300-gallon system. Schneider and Doherty live in Whitefish, and both are members of the United States Telemark Ski Association National Team. They met training together on Big Mountain. They couple found they shared a love for more than skiing - both loved beer.

Their competitive ski adventures have taken them throughout Europe, where they have visited various breweries and earned an appreciation of the beer garden.

Cheers to the forthcoming Kalispell Brewing Co.!

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