Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Black Star Beer Barter Returns to Whitefish this Weekend

The annual Black Star Beer Barter is once again gracing the Great Northern Brewing Company in Whitefish, Montana, this weekend. It is a supreme event that is only gaining more traction, more entries, and more awesomeness. If you have plans to go ski Whitefish this weekend, plan on watching this beer barter too. 

one of last year's winners...

Here's the scoop, straight from Black Star Beer:

Once again, the Great Northern Brewing Company of Whitefish is asking the people of Montana; “what would you do or trade for a year’s supply of beer?” Each year, the answer to this question by the citizenry of the Flathead Valley has become more pronounced. In 2012, a shoeless fire twirling phenom, and the presenter of not just one, but two Volks Wagon busses took the grand prize of a year’s supply of Black Star beer. In fact, the Barter judging panel was so impressed that they awarded 52 cases to each winner. And so it is, the quirkiness of the Whitefish Winter Carnival continues.

The stakes will be undoubtedly high this year as the Beer Barter kicks off following the grand parade of the Whitefish Winter Carnival on February 2nd. “It’s great watching the hilarity of participation unfold,” says Marcus Duffey, General Manager of the Great Northern Brewing Company. “We just want everyone to know that it really is as simple of a concept as it sounds; what are you willing to trade for a year’s supply of beer? It’s as simple as that… Anything from an old vehicle, a talent or even some sort of livestock would be fantastic,” Duffey said.

The 2013 Black Star Beer Barter will commence around 4:00pm following the Grand Parade on Central Avenue in downtown Whitefish. This year’s grand prize winner will be awarded a combination of 52 cases of Black Star, Wheatfish Wheat Lager, and Going to the Sun IPA.

Barter items must be registered by 3:00pm at the Brewery. Any items that may require special arrangements for presentation must be coordinated 48 hours in advance. All inquiries and arrangements can be made with Jessica Lucey at 406.863.1000 ext. 2.

About the Great Northern Brewing Company
The Great Northern Brewery located in Whitefish, Montana, is the original home of Black Star Beer, and the finest variety of 15 other lagers and ales. Through the use of a traditional "Gravity Flow" arrangement, the beers are made in the tradition of artisan brewing with one of the most sophisticated brew houses for its size in the entire country. Learn more about the Great Northern Brewing Company at www.greatnorthernbrewing.com

left to right: Marcus Duffey, Ryan Newhouse

When you go up, save time to stock up at nearby Markus Foods and the new Brix Bottle Shop in Kalispell. 

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