Thursday, November 1, 2012

Wildwood Brewing Shows a "Can-Do" Attitude

Wildwood Brewing in Stevensville, which only opened in March 2012, is already canning its beers! They jumped into it with both feet, never going the bottle route.

Known for its dedication to sustainability, a report by KAJ 18 News quotes owner Jim Lueders, “The can is a very good package for that because it's lightweight, you don't have to worry about it breaking and when you're done drinking it you just crush it into a small wafer and put it in your pack and walk out."

Set to hit the Missoula market tomorrow, beer drinkers will find Mystical Stout, Bodacious Bock and Ambitious Lager at Worden's Market, The Good Food Store, Orange Street Food Farm, and Rattlesnake Market.

1 comment:

  1. Wildwood beer can also be found at Brix Bottleshop in K-town.


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