Monday, June 11, 2012

Dick's Ales Now in Montana Markets

I can't say for sure that Dick's Beer is brand new to Montana, but I don't recall seeing in any of my many trips to beer stores around the State over the past number of years. This past week four varieties of Dick's beer started showing up in the Missoula Area, adding another Northwestern U.S. brewery to the local retail options.

So far, Dick's Danger Ale, Mountain Amber, IPA and Hefeweizen have been spotted on the shelves at Missoula's Worden's Market and Pattee Creek Market.   Dick's Danger Ale and Mountain Amber were spotted at Good Food Store, also in Missoula.  Prices are running in the $8 to $9 dollar range for a six pack.

Dick's Brewing Co. is in Centralia, WA and has been producing beer since 1995.

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