Friday, March 2, 2012

2008 Sierra Nevada Bigfoot on Cask at the Rhino in Missoula

It isn't every day you get to have cask-conditioned beer (just Wednesdays).  It also isn't every day you get to have the barleywines of yesteryear on tap (just in February).  And it isn't most years that you get to have a barleywine from 2008 on cask, but that's exactly what's happening at the Rhino in Missoula right now.

In honor of First Friday in March, for a very limited time try some cask-conditioned Sierra Nevada Bigfoot barleywine from 2008.  This beer is five years old at this point, and while the draft version that's still on tap there has rounded away some harsher flavors, this cask of it has made the body something supremely drinkable.  Our $4 pints disappeared quickly.

Also, there are leftovers from the barleywine fest still on tap.  If you haven't tried it yet, the 2008 Alaskan Barleywine they have on tap is outstanding.

Do what most of the Montana Beer Finder crew did tonight and hurry down to the Rhino now to catch these tasty aged beers at eminently reasonable prices while they still last.

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