Monday, February 6, 2012

Cask Wednesdays at Draught Works Brewery

For several weeks now the fine folks at Draught Works Brewery on Toole near Scott and Spruce have been putting a special beer on cask on Wednesdays.

Serving beer from a cask is an English tradition rarely seen in American pubs.  Rather than forcing the beer through a tap line with carbon dioxide as in a keg, a device called a beer engine is employed, which uses a piston to push a set amount of beer into a glass.  In general, cask beers tend to be served closer to room temperature and with lower levels of carbonation than the same beers on regular draft.

Sometimes the beer is simply a cask conditioned version of their regular beers, like the award winning Scepter Head IPA on 23 January or their first seasonal, Half Nuts Rye Brown on 30 January.  Other times the beer is a variation on their regular beers, such as dry-hopped Clothing Optional Pale Ale or Scepter Head IPA, or Gwin Du Stout with vanilla beans.

Keep an eye on their Facebook page for announcements on what beer will featured that week.  The cask is tapped at noon and stays on until it's gone, usually not much more than 24 hours.

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